The World of Sport

Sport has become more and more relevant as a social practice as the years move on. Lines are drawn between sport and physical health, education, work, leisure, mental health – the list goes on. This has seen the importance of sport transcend the confines of the sports field.

We certainly believe that the dedication and commitment required to personally achieve in swimming also provides our young swimmers with tools such as organization, self-management, support and empathy. But while as an armature sport swimming is highly competitive in nature, at Phoenix Aquatics enjoyment of the sport and of the team is paramount.

Welcome to Phoenix Aquatics. We hope you find the articles here helpful.

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Long Term Athlete Development – the ASA
Message to Swimming – Wayne Goldsmith
A quick chat on deck – Jol Finck
How To Destroy Your Child’s Athletic Future
The Research Behind the Mindset of Super Champions
Why Isn’t my swimmer moving up a group

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